Details for the unit collection and detail endpoints

The unit resource is a component part of an event, for example an individual race or ceremony.

An example unit resource for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics can be seen below.

    "code": "BOXM75KG--------------FNL-000100--",
    "description": "Men's Middle (69-75kg) Final Bout",
    "start": "2021-08-07T05:45:00Z",
    "end": "2021-08-07T06:04:23Z",
    "meta": {
        "medal": "gold"
    "type": {
        "code": "HATH",
        "description": "Individuals Head to Head"
    "scheduleStatus": {
        "code": "FINISHED",
        "description": "Finished",
        "notes": "All play is complete in the unit"
    "phaseType": {
        "code": 3,
        "description": "Competition"
    "venue": {
        "code": "KKG",
        "description": "Kokugikan Arena",
        "city": "Tokyo"
    "games": {
        "code": "OG2020",
        "description": "Olympic Games Tokyo 2020"
    "discipline": {
        "code": "BOX",
        "description": "Boxing"
    "event": {
        "code": "BOXM75KG--------------",
        "description": "Men's Middle (69-75kg)",
        "meta": {
            "teamEvent": false
    "gender": {
        "code": "M",
        "description": "Men"
    "phase": {
        "code": "BOXM75KG--------------FNL-",
        "description": "Men's Middle (69-75kg) Final"
    "entrant": [
            "sortOrder": 1,
            "startOrder": 1,
            "competitor": {
                "code": "1477669",
                "type": "A",
                "organisation": {
                    "code": "UKR",
                    "description": "Ukraine"
            "sortOrder": 2,
            "startOrder": 2,
            "competitor": {
                "code": "1320482",
                "type": "A",
                "organisation": {
                    "code": "BRA",
                    "description": "Brazil"
    "link": [
            "rel": "self",
            "href": "https://olympics.api.pamedia.io/v3/games/OG2020/unit/BOXM75KG--------------FNL-000100--"
            "rel": "unit-result",
            "href": "https://olympics.api.pamedia.io/v3/games/OG2020/unit/BOXM75KG--------------FNL-000100--/result"
            "rel": "phase",
            "href": "https://olympics.api.pamedia.io/v3/games/OG2020/phase/BOXM75KG--------------FNL-"
            "rel": "event",
            "href": "https://olympics.api.pamedia.io/v3/games/OG2020/event/BOXM75KG--------------"

The table below outlines the possible values exposed in the Unit resource.

codeIOC defined discipline code.
descriptionIOC defined discipline description.
startDate and time of the approx start.
endDate and time of the approx end.
meta.medalnone, bronze, goldBronze medal event for 3rd vs 4th.
Gold medal event for 1st vs 2nd.
typeUnit TypeThe associated unit type.
scheduleStatusSchedule StatusThe associated scheduled status.
phaseTypePhase TypeThe associated phase type.
venueThe associated venue.
disciplineDisciplineThe associated discipline.
gamesGamesThe associated games.
eventThe associated event.
phasePhaseThe associated phase.
genderGenderThe associated gender.
entrantA Participant or Team stubA collection of entrants.
linksHATEOAS links to associated endpoints.

This is an example of how you would query a unit using a start and end parameter.

curl --request GET \
  --url https://olympics.api.pamedia.io/v3/games/OWG2018/unit?start=2018-01-01&end=2018-02-15


Date parameters

Calling for a list of any assets that have a date/time association without date parameters will return the current date. Adding date parameters can expose multiple chosen dates.

‘Wrapper’ events signify a group or section of events. The ‘wrapper’ events can update during the progress of the rest of the events within the session, displaying the same status values as the schedules.