Details around the participant collection and detail endpoint

An example participant resource for the 2018 winter olympics can be seen below.

  "code": "100110",
  "givenName": "Bjorn-Tore",
  "familyName": "Staurset",
  "dob": "1988-05-10",
  "gender": {
    "code": "M",
    "description": "Male"
  "organisation": {
    "code": "DEN",
    "description": "Denmark"

The table below outlines the possible values exposed in the Participant resource.

codeIOC defined participant code
givenNameIOC defined given name
familyNameIOC defined family name
dobYYYY-MM-DDIOC defined date of birth
genderGenderThe associated gender
organisationOrganisationThe associated organisation

This is how you would query for a list of participants

curl --request GET \

This is how you would query a participants details

curl --request GET \