The phase resource provides the detail view of a Olympic phase.

An example phase resource for the 2018 winter olympics can be seen below.

	"code": "SSKM1500M-----------------",
	"description": "Men’s 1,500m",
	"type": {
		"code": 8,
		"description": "Others"
	"games": {
		"code": "OWG2018",
		"description": "Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018"
	"discipline": {
		"code": "SSK",
		"description": "Speed Skating"
	"event": {
		"code": "SSKM1500M-------------",
		"description": "Men’s 1,500m",
		"meta": {
			"teamEvent": false
	"gender": {
		"code": "M",
		"description": "Men"
	"link": [{
			"rel": "self",
			"href": ""
			"rel": "event",
			"href": ""

The table below outlines the possible values exposed in the Phase resource.

codeIOC defined phase code.
descriptionIOC defined phase description.
typePhase TypeThe associated phase type.
gamesGamesThe associated games.
disciplineDisciplineThe associated discipline.
eventEventThe associated event.
genderGenderThe associated gender.
linkThe referral links to available child resources.

This is an example of how you would query a phase using an IOC Code.

curl --request GET \