Main features of the Schedule widget

Widget layout

Within the schedule widget, dates appear chronologically and are navigated using arrows


Navigation header

Discipline, live and medal event filters remain selected on navigation between schedule dates


Filter header

Events are ordered in the widget chronologically, with times localised to the browser being used


Times shown in BST (time of screenshot)

The widget opens with the next scheduled event in the mid-table to display live events above and upcoming below for ease of navigation. Once an event is finished, by default the event is greyed out.

Widget refresh

The widget has an auto-refresh built-in and any changes to the data will update in real time. Forcing a refresh on the page will remove any filters and send the schedule back to the default/current day.

‘No events to display’

If there are no events on a chosen day, the text 'No events to display' will be displayed within the event table.


Blank schedule