Event Result Item

Details for a event result item

An event result is a cumulative result of associated unit results.

An example can be seen below.

  "rank": "2",
  "sortOrder": 2,
  "diff": "+0.04",
  "unchecked": false,
  "rankEqual": false,
  "value": "1:17.84",
  "resultType": {
    "code": "TIME",
    "description": "Time"
  "unit": {
    "code": "ALPWGS----------------FNL-000100--",
    "description": "Ladies' Giant Slalom Run 1",
    "phase": {
      "code": "ALPWGS----------------FNL-",
      "description": "Ladies' Giant Slalom",
      "phaseType": {
        "code": 3,
        "description": "Competition"

The table below outlines the possible values exposed in the Event Result Item array.

rankString (Optional)Rank of the competitor
sortOrderIntegerUsed to sort all the results
diffExamples ('+0:57', '-2:23')(Optional)Display the time / value ahead or behind the leader. Negative indicates ahead of the leader, positive is behind
meta.uncheckedBooleanIndicates that the result needs to be validated
meta.rankEqualBooleanIdentifies if a rank has been equalled
valueString (Optional)The result value of the competitor
valueTypeValue Types Object (Optional)The type of the value object eg: TIME or POINTS
unitUnitThe associated unit
unit.phasePhaseThe associated phase
unit.phase.phaseTypePhase TypeThe associated phase type