The event resource provides the detail view of an Olympic event.

An example event resource for the 2018 winter olympics can be seen below.

  "code": "ALPMSG----------------",
  "description": "Men's Super-G",
  "discipline": {
    "code": "ALP",
    "description": "Alpine Skiing"
  "gender": {
    "code": "M",
    "description": "Men"
  "games": {
    "code": "OWG2018",
    "description": "Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018"
  "meta": {
    "teamEvent": false
  "link": [
      "rel": "self",
      "href": "http://olympics.api.pressassociation.io/games/OWG2018/event/ALPMSG----------------"

The table below outlines the possible values exposed in the Event resource.

codeIOC defined event code.
descriptionIOC defined event description.
meta.teamEventtrue, falseThe associated team event type. true dictating this to be a team event.
gamesGamesThe associated games.
disciplineDisciplineThe associated discipline.
genderGenderThe associated gender.
linkThe referral links to available child resources.


Date parameters

Calling for a list of any assets that have a date/time association without date parameters will return the current date. Adding date parameters can expose multiple chosen dates.